Myths and Truths

Myth: A hospice is a building.

Q:  Will a physician be involved in the care of my loved one?

A: We respond to patient/family calls in a timely and professional manner, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ​A patient with pain or in need of symptom management should never have to wait for care.

A: The patient and caregivers are heard. The care our clients receive​ is tailored to, and involves the wishes of, those we proudly and compassionately serve.

Truth: ​There are hospice homes and wings of hospitals, however usually a hospice is an agency that consists of trained medical professionals, all of whom share a compassionate philosophy and approach to care. Angelic Heart Hospice is a service not a place. We provide care where ever you call home.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Unless otherwise requested, we admit all hospice-eligible referrals the same day. We provide a very organized and considerate team that believes no one should be made to wait for care.

A: ​We offer Palliative Care Consults and Advanced Planning Services. ​Education, preparation, and assistance are offered in both areas of need.

Truth: The hospice team helps you reclaim the spirit of life. It helps them understand that even though death can lead to sadness, anger, and pain, it can also lead to opportunities for reminiscences, laughter, reunion, and hope.

Q: If my loved one needs care, how long do I have to wait to call for assistance?

A: We have achieved acceptable pain control. No patient should live pain! Our emphasis is adequate and acceptable pain control without over-sedation. This is delivered with​ care, concern, and compassion of our highly trained staff.

Q: ​How long will I have to wait for an admittance?

Q: I'm worried my loved one won't be listened too.

Q: How do can I ​​​​​​​​become more informed about my loved one's situation?

A: Our Medical Director is actively involved. The Medical Director regularly visits and cares for our patients and is available for patient/family consultation.

Truth: ​​Receiving hospice care does NOT mean death is imminent. The earlier an individual receives hospice care, the more opportunity there is to stabilize a patient's medical condition and address other needs. Many studies have proven that a patient lives longer, with a greater quality of life due to the continuity of care provided.

Myth: Hospice means giving up hope.

Myth: ​Once a patient elects hospice care, he or she can no longer receive care from their primary physician.

Myth: ​​Hospice means that a loved one will soon die.

Q:  Will my loved one be in pain?

Truth: Hospice works closely with your primary care physician.

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